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Uniform (or Universal) Resource Locator, the address of a World Wide Web page.
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a PHP class with at least one method that translates into an ExpressionEngine tag and is used inside of ExpressionEngine templates.
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An ExpressionEngine add-on that allows you to create full-featured calendars, including advanced recurrence and exception rules for events.
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For questions about using pagination tags/code to divide content across separate pages.
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Developer of ExpressionEngine add-ons including Updater, Channel Images, Tagger, and Forms.
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a directory-level configuration file used to override a subset of the web server's global configuration.
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An addon which allows you to move EE member management into Channel Entries.
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Extensions enable third party developers to modify aspects of ExpressionEngine without hacking the backend scripts.
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Fieldtypes handle all of the different types of data you can store in your Channels. ExpressionEngine includes a number of Fieldtypes by default, and you can install or uninstall additional ones.
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the primary tag used to show the content you create and edit via ExpressionEngine’s Publish section. It’s the most powerful tag in ExpressionEngine, and the most commonly used sinc…
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An ExpressionEngine add-on that allows you to create powerful and flexible member management areas on your site using just regular EE templates.
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a popular open source Javascript library.
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Exp:resso - Providers of some very popular Commercial and Open Source Add-ons including Store and FreeMember.
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An ExpressionEngine add-on that greatly improves search functionality in EE, and allows for powerful and flexible searching across channel entries.
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A commercial add-on providing an alternative to native Snippets and Global variables.
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a custom fieldtype built by DevDemon which adds Multi Image Upload including Remote Storage and Image Management capabilities.
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an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
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ExpressionEngine version 1
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the area in the ExpressionEngine control panel where files can be uploaded, deleted, searched and managed.
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The process of configuring ExpressionEngine and/or third-party add-ons via the config.php file - or another configuration solution such as Focus Lab's EE Master Config.
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