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Control Panel : put content edit entries from one channel in a link
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3 votes

You can do that, but the links are tied specifically to the user. So, you can login, as the user and build their list of quick links. You can force this by browsing to the users profile in the CP as a ...

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500 error after site was hacked
1 votes

Check the permissions on your index.php file.

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How to redirect EE site to www. using htaccess & keep the index.php file removed
Accepted answer
7 votes

Try changing the order of your RewriteRules. i. e. put the addition of the www before the removal of the index.php.

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In what table in EE1 are banned user IPs stored?
Accepted answer
6 votes

That data is stored in the exp_sites table in the site_system_preferences column in a serialized array.

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