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Dominic Tancredi
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CEO and CTO of Dom & Tom

We're a Digital Product agency in NYC/Chicago/Los Angeles for 8+ years, with a holistic philosophy of solution-sets and methodologies, and exciting on emerging technologies. Tom and I started Dom & Tom to "Do Good, Be Good" in the digital product space.

I love kickass digital product dev, and care about the people who concept, strategize, design, and build in the space

Bio (so proffy):

Dom has 17+ years of development with expertise in system architecture, database modeling, and developing web applications and 8+ years of mobile development for Android and iOS platforms. Dom has worked with enterprise clients such as Hearst Communications, Turner Broadcasting,, Bloomberg L.P. and The Children's Place as well as a host of startup clients on innovative digital products that cut the edge of the cutting-edge. He is a true craftsman at heart and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all of the work that Dom & Tom produces. He prides himself on the growth and achievements of each one of his team members, and personally mentors developers in code, methodology, and best-practices. Because of this, he was rated as a 2017 Owler Top-Rated CEO. His motto “Do Good. Be Good.” has become the company’s motto and serves as the first two of our five Core Values. He enjoys Hackathons, helping developers on StackOverflow, and collaborating with clients on conceptualizing and building digital products for future. Dom holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago and has given presentations on digital development and innovation at multiple events including AOL Ventures, Pace University, Propeller Fest and done Oculus Rift demonstrations with the Downtown Alliance in Lower Manhattan.
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