I need to display my cart when the cart button is clicked, allowing the user to update the quantity of the items in his cart using a dropdown list. I can get the amount of items he chose to add to his cart using the {item_qty} tag, but how do I display this in a dropdownlist (with the maximum number as the total in stock)?

i.e. if the re are 4 items in stock, the dropdownlist should display options 1 - 4.

My code so far:

<select name="items[{key}][item_qty]">
    <option value="{item_qty}">{item_qty}</option>

This displays a dropdownlist with one value (1), but need to display the total in stock.

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I think it's going to be a bit trickier than that because when you move to the checkout you use the Checkout tags instead of the Product tag. The difference is that in the Product tag item_qty represents the number of items the user wants to buy. In the Checkout tag item_qty represents how many items the user has in their cart. There's not really a ready-made way to do that so you'd need to run a separate query on the product inventory and then use that to populate the drop-down list.

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