Is there any way to add a template tag or hidden input and force free shipping for all the items that use a template?

The site I'm working on sells some physical products, but also has a "classes" section.

I'd like to simplify the class creation process for my clients. It would also help them avoid errors if they miss the checkbox.


Why not add the items to discount and check free shipping .


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The 'Free Shipping' checkbox on the Publish/Edit screen is obviously the best way to do it on a per-product basis but if you wanted to include an extra failsafe then it could be an option to create a Shipping Method with a 'Free Shipping' rule. You could set the shipping rates to 0 in that rule but bear in mind that this applies per order and not per product. So if there's a chance that someone could add both a physical product as well as a course/class to their cart in the same checkout then it would cause a problem. You could then loop through the cart contents and if it contains a course/class (identified by category, product ID's, SKU's etc) then automatically set the shipping method to 'Free Shipping' in the templates.

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