Looking at various add ons for Expressionengine I found Cartthrobs Subscription module which looks almost perfect for my requirement. When I say almost, the issue is that my customer is using PayPal pro but in the documentation for Subscriptions it says it only supports:

  • Authorize.net (CIM)
  • eWay (Token Payments)
  • Payleap (SCM)
  • Sage (Token)
  • Stripe

Surely there will be a way to set up using PayPal pro for the gateway but I dont know if this will be possible? Is there an alternative if not?

I'm struggling to find out for definite if I can make it work with PayPal Pro.

Thanks Guy

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I would recommend that you checkout Subscriptions from DevDemon instead. They have great support and their new module is really robust. I know it doesn't support PayPal Pro at the moment but maybe you can look into extending it through their plugin architecture or possibly paying them to add it.


  • It still does not Support PayPal. Stripe and Authorize.net are the only options.
    – Jeremy
    Jan 12, 2016 at 4:41

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