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I'm attempting to set up a template route for a new section of the site I'm working on. However when I do I get the error: Template Route Already in use

I've set up a route for the blog/single template which works /blog/{blog-post:alpha_dash}

However when I try to set one of up for about/single /about/news/{news-post:alpha_dash} The CP highlights both the blog and about/single template and says Route Already in use. Also won't let me set segment required on the about route.

When I refresh the page the blog route is there, but the about route is gone. See attached screenshot.

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The problem is having no rule and having alpha_dash are exactly the same thing, so the error message is correct, those are duplicate routes. If you added the :pagination rule to the {pagination} variable, then it should work:


Also, you'll need to have the {pagination:pagination} rule first, since alpha_dash would catch any pagination.


Well, Sean. Now, we have a problem. I already had this discussion with EllisLab, but I believe you should too. Their answer was to use something like:


And to set required segments to no. This way, the route will match:


For me, this makes no sense. In my opinion, the previous segment should always be required because we don't use URLs like /about/news//something.

I prefer to be able to use something like:


By the way, alpha_dash will match pagination too.

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    > By the way, alpha_dash will match pagination too. That's the key, when compiled to regex, you have conflicting rules. The | option is intriguing, but for now, not requiring segments should work. > because we don't use URLs like /about/news//something The chances of a user or even a crawler trying that URL when you aren't linking to it are minuscule—so much that it's probably not worth the time to trap, but if that's a particular concern, you can always use segment conditionals to check for an empty segment and redirect to a 404. Oct 28, 2014 at 15:00
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    Oh, SE, why don't you support multi-line comments... Oct 28, 2014 at 15:00

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