Is it possible to supply dynamic BCC's on Exp:resso store order confirmation emails?

I have an ecommerce site that tutors can list courses on, and students can buy courses. When a course is purchased the student gets an email, but I need to notify the tutor too (which is an EE member).

I have got as far as writing an extension that taps into store_order_complete_end, which means I have access to the Store\Model\Order and Store\Model\Email objects... but I'm not sure what to do from there. Thanks.

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Oh it appears it is very straightforward. So in the extension grab the store emails (I'm just getting all for development) then you can set the BCC attribute as per below.

$emails = Store\Model\Email::whereIn('id', [1])->where('enabled', 1)->get();
foreach ($emails as $email) {
    # For my IDE
    $email instanceof Store\Model\Email;
    $email->setAttribute("bcc", "[email protected]");
    $sent = ee()->store->email->send($email, $order);

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