I'm using solspace calendar to output events. Everything works well, the only issue is that for some reason, no matter what parameters I supply for date_range_start, date_range_end, and show_days, the tag always outputs an entire week. Here is the tag I'm using:

{exp:calendar:cal event_limit="4" paginate="bottom" category="public" date_range_start="2016-02-25" show_days="1" }

This always gives back a full week of events. So, in this example, since the 25th is in the middle of the week, the cal tag outputs all events from 2/21 - 2/27 (sunday-saturday).

Any help is appreciated!

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By default, the Calendar:Cal tag in Calendar 1.x assumes you want to display a full week or full month view, and automatically pads extra days to make it a full week. You'll need to simply just specify the pad_short_weeks="n" parameter to stop this from happening. :)

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