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VMG Chosen Member is fieldtype allowing users to select ExpressionEngine members are store them in a field.

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1 answer

how to display a row # when looping through 2 different custom fields

I'm trying to spit out a table with first column being the # of row basically. However my {count} keeps resetting for each field loop. I need my count to stay the same I have a VM Chosen field that ...
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1 answer

Using Channel Form to populate VMG Chosen Member Field with member_id

Can't seem to figure out how to add members via Channel Form to a VMG Chosen Member field. Members need to be able to sign up for a session of their choosing on the front-end and be associated with ...
1 vote
1 answer

Searching field types set to VMG Chosen Member in the Control Panel

I'm using VMG Chosen Member as a Field Type so administrators can easily add Members of a custom Member Group 'Customers' to different Channel Entries. This is fine, but when in the Control Panel I ...