I'm experiencing some really slow load times with my EE install. Other sections of the site that aren't managed by EE are loading very quickly, but any time I hit an EE-managed section it takes at least 6 seconds to load. After enabling debugging I'm seeing these results:

Loading Time: Base Classes — 0.0023

Controller Execution Time ( Ee / Index ) — 6.1133

Total Execution Time — 6.1158

What might be the best way to track down the source of these slow loading times?

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Checkout the EE Debug Toolbar. It's a great utility for seeing where your bottlenecks. Main place to check is memory consumption and db queries. My guess is it's a combination of both.

EE Debug Toolbar


The latest version of EE is also compatible with New Relic, check this out. It's software specifically designed for this and EE is compatible with it now.



I would consider checking out the ExpressionEngine Whitepaper that Nexcess recently put out. It's a fairly in depth look at best practices for ExpressionEngine performance. Hope this helps. http://www.nexcess.net/expressionengine-best-practices-whitepaper


Almost always optimize caching with the Devot-ee or Solspace addon best suited to your specific site needs is a good idea. Read http://cdn.ctrlclickcast.com/transcripts/2011/eepodcast-055.pdf.

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