I'm trying to create a navigation menu inside an embed, I have the following code in my main template:

{exp:structure:entries parent_id="{structure:page:entry_id}"}
  {if channel_short_name == "accordion"}
  {if channel_short_name == "album"}

This works great, however I then have the following inside template_accordian:

<nav id="primary-nav">
    {exp:structure:entries parent_id="{structure:parent:entry_id}"}
    <li><a href="#{url_title}">{title}</a></li>

{structure:parent:entry_id} doesn't seem to output anything, I'm guessing this is due to parsing order or something but can't work out how to achieve what I want to achieve, any ideas?

  • You shouldn't need an embed when you're using structure. Is there a reason why you need to do this? What are you trying to achieve that using the structure tag isn't letting you? Mar 20, 2014 at 14:51

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I don't know if it will work within that embed because of EE's parsing order. You may need to put it directly in the template.

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