Have an instance where there are two entries - one needs to be shown for six months of the year and the other for the second six months.... looking at a conditional which essentially says:

if date_range = January-June

Show this

If else

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Is it doable with EE's native conditionals or does it need another approach?


The following conditional will achieve what you want:

{if {current_time format="%m"} <= 6}
  <p>do Jan through June</p>
  <p>do July through December</p>

Edit: Replying to request for March-thru-September date range:

Since the %m flag on the date format represents each month as a number (and conveniently one-based at that), to achieve what you would like you would simply change the code to:

{if {current_time format="%m"} >= 3 && {current_time format="%m"} <= 9}
    <p>do March through September</p>
    <p>do January, February, October, November or December</p>
  • Is there any way to modify this conditional to a specific range? Say March to September for example?
    – segovius
    Jul 1 '14 at 10:51
  • See revised answer.
    – dashard
    Jul 2 '14 at 4:43

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