EE 2.9.2 Rating 3.3

I would like to add a custom field type, such as a Wygwam or RTE so that the comments field can have some formating controls. Just the basic ones, bold, italic etc.

Is it possible to add a custom field type to Rating?

Is it possible to add formatting controls to the textarea field?

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I assume by "custom field type", you mean EE Channel Entry Custom Fields. Since ratings are not channel entries, this isn't possible, since Wygwam, RTE, etc are Channel Entry fields, not Rating fields.

However, you could add a WYSIWYG to a textarea field in your template manually by loading on of the WYSIWYG plugins available on the net. There are many available, including CKEditor, TinyMCE, and Redactor. Make sure to respect the use license for these plugins as well.

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