How do i limit the event to like 3 and how do i disable the occurrences? I just want to list main events rather than listing one event with multiple occurrences.

{exp:calendar:cal date_range_start="today" pad_short_weeks="n" dynamic="off" date_range_start="today" date_range_end="+5 days" show_recurrences="no"}

                <div class="box">

                    <div class="img">
                        <a href="{path='events/event'}/{event_id}/{if event_recurs}{event_start_date format="%Y/%m/%d"}/{/if}">


                            <a href="{path='events/event'}/{event_id}/{if event_recurs}{event_start_date format="%Y/%m/%d"}/{/if}">{event_title}</a>
                        <div>{if event_summary  != ""} {exp:ce_str:ing truncate="100"}{event_summary}{/exp:ce_str:ing}{/if} </div>
                        <div class="dse">

                            <span>{event_calendar_title}</span> |




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Assuming you're using Calendar 1.x for EE 2.x, you would use the Calendar:Events template tag instead of Calendar:Cal template tag.

Calendar:Cal will show all events and their recurrences in chronological order, while Calendar:Events will show only the "parent" event entries (with no recurrences). See this overview diagram:

enter image description here

For more information, check out the Getting Started documentation. :)

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