Is there a way to select channel, list out the categories assigned to that channel and then the number of entries in each category?

What I want is something link the below:

Category 1 - 100 entries Category 2 - 70 entries etc...

I've tried this, but dosn't get me what I want:

{exp:channel:categories channel="news"}
                    <a href="#">{category_name} ({exp:channel:entries category="{category_id}" dynamic="no"}{absolute_results}{/exp:channel:entries})</a>

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Yes, this is possible. You can do this by making simple template and embed.

Create one template template_name.html in your template group and insert below code.

{exp:channel:categories channel="channel_name" disable="category_fields"}

    Category Name : {category_name}

    {!-- including the embed which have channel entry code --}
    {embed="template_group_name/.embed_name" cat_id="{category_id}"}


Now create one embed .embed_name.html into that template group. And insert below code.

{exp:channel:entries channel="channel_name"
disable="category_fields|member_data|pagination|trackbacks|relationships" dynamic="no" 

    {if count == 1}
    Total Entries = {total_results}<br>


I hope this will definitely works for you.


this feature is not supported Natively you can use the query module for this or third party


This add-on has been ported to EE3 / EE4 compatibility - though labelled as a beta the updated version works well. Find the updated version discussed in this thread, and the downloadable version here.

  • Hi Akwad, thanks for your help. It's an EE 4 site, so it's a shame that's not being ported, it would have being perfect.
    – Mark
    Sep 19, 2018 at 8:08
  • thats why I am moving away from EE EE is fading out
    – Akwad Net
    Sep 19, 2018 at 23:22

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