EE 2.9.3 Transcribe 1.6.2

I have an older EE site where I need to output the entry_id of the associated translated entry.

Something like this:

on the English listing page:

English title
English Summary
  - French Entry ID

And then on the French page this:

French Title
French Summary
  - English Entry ID

Is this possible? If so how? Maybe through a database query? Not sure how to do that either. FWIW I can't upgrade to the latest EE or transcribe.

Looking in the database I see a table exp_transcribe_entries_languages with a column of relationship_id that contains a hash which is duplicated on associated entries. other columns are id, language_id, and entry_id

So two entries that are related to each other include:

id    language_id   entry_id  relationship_id
1372      1           1372     5bf41ee76f1ef
1376      2           1376     5bf41ee76f1ef

You can see the relationship_id matches. Is there a database query that I could put in a template so that I can output the entry id of the opposite language. Where langauge_id of 1 = english and 2 = french

something like this:

{exp:channel:entries channel="news" limit="5" disable="member_data|comments"}

    <p>Current Language Entry ID: {entry_id}</p>
    <p>Other Language Entry ID: db_query_here</p>


Thank you.

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looks like you could use this according to the docs:

{exp:transcribe:language_links has_entry="yes"}{languages}{rel:entry_id}{/languages}{/exp:transcribe:language_links}

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