I have an inherited a very old EE multisite installation that is currently running on EE 2.11.3. Due to its old version of Bootstrap, it isn't even responsive. I was thinking about upgrading to the current, open-source version 5.2.4. I can only imagine how many things could potentially break such as the templates and/or add-ons.

Does anyone have experience upgrading from such an old version of EE and is it even advisable? Thanks for any insight you may have, I am completely new to the EE community.

  • Show us a list of addons (extensions + plugins + modules). And v 2.11.3 is not old ) trust me. When you update from version 1.x - this is old.
    – Max Lazar
    Jul 31 '19 at 12:34

I've done several EE 2.X upgrades to 4.X and 5.X in the last few years, and on some pretty big sites to boot. It is non-trivial, but you can totally do it. Rather the retype a bunch of info, I laid out some strategies I've used successfully in this answer:

Upgrade a site from EE2 to EE5

If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask a new question or edit this one.

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