I updated to EE 5.3.0 from 2.11.9 and cannot edit existing channels anymore.

There is only a blank page without any errors in the console. I can edit layouts or export but no page is opening to edit the channel.

The url looks like this: https://www.foo.ch/admin.php?/cp/channels/edit/12

Any idea? Thanks

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Please try by adding $config['debug'] = "1"; in your config.php. So, you can display errors and after that try to solve them. In most of the cases these errors are belonging from modules. So, you just need to upgrade the module to solve those module errors.

You can also try below code in your index.php file.

ini_set("display_errors", "1");
  • Thanks for the help. Tried both solutions but without result. Just a blank page.
    – Res
    Oct 24, 2019 at 17:33

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