I'm trying to get the value of a query string in the URL. I stumbled onto {current_query_string} which displays the whole query string. But i'm looking to get everything after the =.

{resource_tags backspace="5"}
   <a href="/segment_name_here?tag_id={tag_id}">{tag}</a>

Basically i just want to get the {tag_id} part from the url so i can display a list of entries based on the {tag_id}.

So if the url is /segment_name_here?tag_id=44 i just want the number 44

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If your currently running on ExpressionEngine 6 you should be able to use the Request add-on (shipped as part of the core) to grab the GET variable. Should be something along the following lines.

{exp:request:get name="tag_id"}


Without seeing the template, there may also be a way to pass the tag id as a segment.

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