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Authenticate is a free add-on by Objective HTML.

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Not able to login to ExpressionEngine 2 Control Panel

When i try to login, i am justing hanging at a white screen. The URL in the browser is, It stays at that url and never lets me get ...
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Unable to change sites in cp - logs out admin

EE 2.8.1 with MSM (4 sites) We've duplicated our production site to a development local environment. Same server configuration, with the exception of some path info. Production server and site is ...
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safecracker login form not accepting login details

I am fairly new to Safecracker, so forgive me if my question is stupid. On the following [site Click][1] Here when you click on the promo materials button, a pop up window appears requiring users to ...
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Problems overriding mod.member_settings.php email_prefs_form and update_un_pw_form

I have an extension and module that handles authentication for EE. I'm having some troubles understanding how to go about over-riding the handling in mod.member_settings.php. There is a hook for ...
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Can't programmatically log member in

Can someone explain to me why I am not capable of forcing a new ExpressionEngine session to be generated for a specific user? I've been following this link:
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ObjectiveHTML's Authenticate - login and forgot password problems

I'm trying to use and have come across some problems: Logon Form: How can I trigger a global error so I can verify {global_errors} work? See: https://...
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authentication on EE website from another device

Can i login to EE website from another device, ie iOS device. Basically i have a website with users, i need to login to it from a mobile phone application. Is it possible? I know that EE server ...
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Authenticate is returning to a different page than the return param

I have two forms on a page, the first one is generated by exp:autheticate, and the second is a normal handwritten form. Both are triggered by javascript submits. The authenticate form seems to be ...
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