I'm using Expresso Store v1 and my client recently added some downloadable products. We've set the download expiry on these products to 48 hours and we've now made changes to the order confirmation page to encourage customers to download their purchases right away.

However, is there a simple way to produce a 'download expired' notice once the download has expired? Currently the download button just vanishes which has led to a few confused customers!

I suppose I was hoping their might be a conditional '{if expired}' or a parameter that could be used to set a message.

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Store doesn't have a built in way to display a message when the download link expires.

I would recommend using something like the DT Plugin to display an expired message. I haven't used it in a while, but I assume you could do something like this:

{if {order_date} < {exp:dt ee_format="false" format="%s" day=“-2”}}
    This link has expired

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