I'm overhauling a legacy ee 1.7 site and they use freeform pretty heavily; currently they have about 170 freeform fields(!) - is there a way to import them into a fresh install of freeform? I haven't tried to go through an upgrade path with this and I'm using a clean 2.10 build with datagrab to pull content in.

I don't want to pull in the legacy freeform data particularly but if I could import all those fields it would save a lot of time/sanity!

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If you were on the latest/last version of Freeform 3 and then updated to Freeform 4, there is a Migration Tool under the Utilities tab in the Freeform module in the CP that should allow you to transfer your Freeform 3.x data and fields over to Freeform 4.x, which is EE2-compatible.

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