Has anyone used the Forms add-on with EE4? DevDemon lists 4 as supported but I'm running into some issues and haven't found any solutions.

I've upgraded my site from previous versions of EE so I have an existing form. The form loads on the site. However some fields are incorrect/missing values and when editing the form in EE I get the following error in a dialog: Failed to load Default Forms Fields.. SeeXHRResponse.

I can make updates to the form and save but they aren't actually saved.

Submitting the form on the site results in the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'DevDemon\Forms\Service\PHPMailer' not found in
/var/www/vhosts/[...]/system/user/addons/forms/Service/FormEmail.php on line 590

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I think this might be a misunderstanding:

DevDemon lists 4 as supported

Unfortunately Forms is only compatible with EE2 and EE3 at this time:



ExpressionEngine 2.3.1+ or ExpressionEngine 3

We hope to update it for EE4 soon!


I was having this issue on EE3. For anyone else having the issue, I changed the Email Library setting in Forms from PHP Mailer to EE Internal and that bypasses the issue

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