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Questions tagged [solspace-freeform-next]

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1 answer

How to add tags to mailchimp with freeform_next

i have a few newsletter signup forms (mailchimp) on this site. We need to differentiate the subscribers to different forms in mailchimp. We do that via tags. How can i add the tags to the newsletter ...
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1 answer

Freeform Next errors

I get these errors when submitting a Solspace Freeform Next form. The submission is successful. Record is made, notifications are sent properly. Everything works otherwise. EE 5.3.2 Freeform Next ...
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2 answers

Freeform not sending with DXF / DWG but does with other extensions

The idea is that visitors can upload a DWG or DXF file using freeform. So we can make a calculation for them. But issue is, that Freeform is sending and saving the submissions while uploading PDF / ...
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1 answer

Freeform Pro fieldtype- how to set the return path?

In upgrading an ExpressionEngine site from 3.x to 5.2.3, I am switching from using Freeform Classic to Freeform Pro 1.7.12. In Freeform Classic, there was a Freeform fieldtype where you could set ...
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Freeform Next - Questions About Dynamic Notification Recipients

I have a job application form set up that will need to alert a few people by default (owner and admin assistant). I have those set up in the form settings, under Notify -> Admin Recipients. The job ...
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1 answer

Freeform Next - Dynamic Recipients

I'm a little confused at how to use the dynamic recipients parameter for Freeform next. I've provided the emails using dynamic_notification_recipients="email_1|email_2" and specified ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Freeform Next Fieldtype - If form selected

I have a Freeform Next fieldtype so that the client can choose from one of the forms that have been built to include in any of the pages. In my template, I need to be able to check if they selected a ...
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1 answer

Freeform Next - Field validation options

Is there a way to control the validation options for fields in Freeform Next forms? The default processing for email fields, for example, appears to simply be a check that somewhere within the string ...
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