I have this problem with importing data from CSV

Suppose I have CSV that contains a list people. Suppose these people have multiple phone numbers.

Given these assumptions, let us try this example

Suppose there is a person named John Doe who has 2 phone numbers - one for mobile, the other is for landline

In the CSV, it would be represented as

FirstName   LastName    PhoneNumber     PhoneNumberType
John        Doe         12345798        mobile
John        Doe         987654321       landline

Now here is the question. How does Datagrab know that those 2 rows are the same person with 2 different numbers?

Is there a way for Datagrab to import these 2 numbers into Grid for that 1 person?

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I would imagine that a CSV is not the best way to represent this data, and that it'll prevent you from successfully importing into a Grid field.

I would take the CSV data and (using PHP or some other tool) reformat it into XML, which will much more readily represent the nested sets of fields in a Grid.


Did you get this to work out for you, if so what did you use to import several grid field-data into the entry?

Best regards Dave

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