I've got a Wyvern field using Typekit, custom CSS and JS. I have a style called 'callout-right' that is applied to divs. It looks like this:

callout right

The problem: when I try to change text within the styled div, Wyvern applies the div style to h2, h3, etc. Problem

Here's the HTML it generates. You can see Wyvern is applying the callout-right class to my h2 tag. Source

I want it to leave my text elements alone.

My JS file is:

CKEDITOR.addStylesSet('wyvern', [
{name:'Image on Left',element:'img',attributes:{'class': 'left'}},
{name:'Image on Right',element:'img',attributes:{'class': 'right'}},
{name:'Callout Right',element:'div',attributes:{'class': 'callout-right'}},
{name:'Callout Left',element:'div',attributes:{'class': 'callout-left'}},

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This isn't a Wyvern thing at all, its CKeditor's behavior. Wyvern just wraps CKeditor and provides a few EE specific features. Any and all behavior inside of the editing region is all CKeditor's behavior. You'll have better luck at the CKeditor forums for something like this.


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