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Database Insert is encoding data

So I have a custom plugin that inserts data from a csv. I build up the array of data and then issue the insert command. Right before the insert I am dumping my array so I can see the values which ...
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Email Notifcations, characters replaced by equals sign

I've an issue with email notifications sent from the server in that the content has some characters replace by '=' if the email client used is Microsoft based, e.g. Outlook, Hotmail. The following ...
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JSON Output encoding issue with accented characters and apostrophes

I have created a JS template with this code to output GeoJSON for our Google Maps; { "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [ {exp:channel:entries channel="places" } { ...
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Simple Commerce cyrillic characters turned in question marks in PayPal

I have a Russian website where in the head section I wrote: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="ru"> <meta charset="utf-8"> In Simple Commerse template I have included country_code="RU" ...
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UTF8 characters for Javascript template

I have a strange situation where Russian characters are outputted as garbage if the template type is JavaScript. I.e. "Российской Федерации" is outputted correctly if the template is "Web Page", but ...
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Character encoding on export import

We have an existing site running on EE 1.6.8. We decided to start afresh, clean new site so we have an install of v2.7.1 running. We’ve built the site, finished the templates and are starting to ...
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Japanese character

I'm making a website, all the page will be in English except I need few pages with Japanese tekst (Japanese character). Is it possible? How can I do it? Francois
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Character encoding changed when upgrading EE

Earlier this year, I upgraded a site from EE 1.x to EE 2.x. I have only now discovered that in the process of doing so, it seems the encoding changed on my old posts, so that Swedish letters (for ...
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How do I strip spaces from a form field?

I have a strange issue with URLs double encoding. So for instance if I have a URL with spaces, instead of the site navigating to "url%20name" it instead navigates to "url%2520name." I'm looking at ...
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Backslash When Using Apostrophe In Textarea

I have an invite a friend form on this page: I have a textarea with some pre-filled text with the word "it's" in the last line. The apostrophe keeps ...
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Character entity output in Wygwam

I have content in a Wygwam field. When I toggle to Source mode, I see numerous &rsquo;, &rdquo;, etc encoded characters. This is as desired. When that content is output in my templates, using ...
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Character encoding issues when upgrading EE 1.7.3 to EE 2.5.5

I have an EE 1.7.3 with charset iso-8859-1. If i do the update all the umlauts in the browser show up as ?. So I converted the data from the database (the whole database) 1.7.3 before the update to ...
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