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Take input as localized time of the user via channel form

Am trying to store localized time of the user via a date field in a channel form. My server timezone is set to GMT. Wanted to display the time and date field to the non-logged in users in their ...
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Date and Time formatting

I have a date and time that works great format=" %F %j, %Y; %g:%i %a" prints out > December 2, 2017; 7:30 pm However, in some instances, I don't have the time, but I still want to show the date. ...
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Need to calculate number of hours between two time select fields before form submission if possible

I have a form for event registration under my site that contains two time select fields, an arrival time and departure time. What I want to do is to have the number of hours between these two times ...
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Date translation

I updated ee to 2.9 and now the Date/Time Language Converter doesn't work anymore Is there another way to translate ee time? That plugin wasn't working properly anyway. It couldn't display german ...
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current_time and edit_date are 5 hours off, PHP date() is correct

We built a site for a hospital and they can login to a special admin page where they can update location wait times using exp:channel:form When they first login, we show the last updated time and the ...
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How can I return UTC time?

Using, for instance, {current_time} you get the time according to your server timezone setting. I see I can format it with {current_time format="{DATE_COOKIE}"} to get a result in UTC, but I need it ...
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dd-mm-yyyy date format in Control Panel

I want to show the date format in european style (dd-mm-yyyy). I changed and configured all settings to European. $config['default_site_timezone'] = Europe/Amsterdam doesn't solve the problem. Can ...
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Dates before 1900 (even 1800) in EE 2.6?

With the changes to the way dates are handled in EE 2.6, can dates be set prior to 1900 (or even 1800) using the Date form field?
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entry_date format on SafeCracker

I'm building a page with the twitter bootstrap at the moment and in particular am using the bootstrap datepicker to give users a particularly nice UI for selecting an entry date for their channel ...
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