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Will EE 3.x work with PHP 5.6+

I am running a site on EE 3.5.17 and I am trying to determine which version of PHP I can use without causing issue or conflicts with existing plugins, which includes CartThrob 3.2. The EE ...
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Local Php Issue possibly related to Mac Upgrade?

I have some local sites for dev on my Mac that are the latest version of EE2. Not updated for years and clients for various reasons don't want to upgrade to EE5. Fair enough. Now they want some ...
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178 views downloads of old versions corrupted

I have an ancient site running EE 2.9.2. We're in the middle of a redesign, but it won't be ready before our host shuts off PHP 5.6 support. And PHP 7 support was added between 2.9.2 and 2.11.9. I ...
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Assets / S3 and Cloudfront Invalidation Issue

Recently moved the site to a new server with php7 and configured AWS for assets. When I upload images, I get an error in the console as follows: <div style="border:1px solid #990000;padding-left:...
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Does Expresso Store 2.5.1 work with PHP7?

I see another question like this was asked but really no answer was given for the 2.5.1 version. Will it work with PHP 7? I know there is a new Store 3 version, but I can't upgrade to EE3 due to ...
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Expresso Store with PHP7

I have a client running Expresso Store 2.5.1 with EE 2.10.1. I have to upgrade the server and need to know if Store 2.5.1 will run on PHP 7.1. Since Store has not been updated to run under EE 3.x, I'...
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PHP Version compatibility issue with EE module

I have created a plugin that is running good in PHP v5.5.x. When I upgrade my PHP version to 7.x it gives me errors. Code that is suspicious is: $this->EE =& get_instance(); Error is: ...
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