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Pre-populate a channel custom select field with a list of certain members

I would like to populate a custom select field added to a channel, with a list of members that have a certain selection from a custom member field. To generate the list of members currently in PHP, ...
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Is there a way to populate the menu for a Select dropdown from another channel field, but limit it to that entry

Is there a way (most likely with a plugin) to populate a select dropdown channel field from another field within the same entry? What I'd like is to be able to add links and relate them to another ...
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form: how to autofill fields based on value in relation-dropdown

I am afraid I am a bad coder, so I ask for a little help here. I went through answers, but I do not understand enough to go on. I must make a form, one of the fields is a drop down, and before the ...
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Populate channel field based on other fields arithmetics

Let's assume I have a “products” channel which contains 3 fields: price(number), discount(integer 1 to 100), discounted_price(number). Is there a way to populate the discounted_price field in CP, ...
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Pre populate a text input field

I have a number of text input fields in an event registration channel that I would like to be pre-poulated with defaults and so not require entering anything unless it's different. This thread gives ...
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How to automatically populate fields based on the value in another field

I've got three custom dropdown fields - town, county, and region in a SafeCracker form. The client is asking if it's possible for them to just select one value (in the town dropdown field), and for ...
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Auto populate a field? (In this case a Matrix cell) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Pre-fill matrix field when creating new entry? Is there a way to automatically populate a field with a fixed static value in the EE control panel publish page? Specifically in ...
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Ajax pre-populate

Whilst not really an EE specific question, I have need to present the user with a Freeform and have them type in their unique ID# which relates to another channel full of "companies" but I'd like to ...
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