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Bypassing login system messages using Solspace User on EE3

I know that this has been asked a few times in the past but the solutions provided all worked for ExpressionEngine2. Now that I'm working on v3, I have a problem that I hope somebody could help me ...
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Form Submissions just return JSON [duplicate]

This is on EE 2.7.2. I have just moved a site to a new server. The site was working perfectly before hand, but now that it was migrated all the backend form submissions only return JSON. Some examples:...
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Disable default email notification templates

I've installed the Postmaster module from Objective HTML and I'm using the Send system email hook. When the system sends an email I will receive it twice because the postmaster hook don't override the ...
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Does {name} always equal {username} in Forgotten Password template?

Does the name variable in the forgot password email template always equal the username?
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Simple Search returns System Message template for No Results even when 'no_result_page' set

I’m running into some issues when my users are searching using Simple Search and get no results. For some reason, they’re being redirected to a system message which is detailing they don’t have any ...
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Freeform: submit results in system error message without a message

weird problem. I have a website with freeform that suddenly broke. When you submit a form a basic ExpressionEngine error message is shown but without an error message. After discovering the problem i ...
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Customise system email templates?

I'm sure I've read somewhere how to do this but I am not able to find it at the moment. I have Postmaster installed, and I am using that to send various emails based on entry creations and status ...
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System Offline not working

I have set the system to offline and double checked this in my config file, yet it doesn't work, I can still view the site when logged out. I have tried on different browsers and devices but the site ...
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Is there a way to display inline Status & Error Messages?

I'm new to ExpressionEngine and I was wondering if there is a way to display status and error messages inline instead of on their own page? For instance, it would be nice, if someone got their ...
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Safecracker related(?) error: "Unable to load the requested language"

I'm using a safecracker form for guests to submit entries. When I'm logged out and I visite the page with the safecrackerform I get this error thrown at me: "Unable to load the requested language ...
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Turn off Message Pages after login?

Is there any way to 'turn off' the Message pages that briefly show after a login, logout, etc.?
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Front end flashdata / system messaging without URL segments

I'd like to be able to display incidental messages on the front end, such as for 'thank-you' content and success/error messages after form submissions. However, I'd like to do this without polluting ...
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Error pages in expresso store?

Looking to be able to style/customize error pages for Expresso Store or EE. Anyone have experience ideas of this please? Thanks.
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