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Stash Index and Low Replace

I am trying to put a multiple choice filter into a stash index and running into some issues. From the debug output it would appear that its a parse order issue as the debug match statement shows my ...
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Optimising structure of exp_channel_data table

I have a site with around 800 columns on exp_channel_data table. I would like to know if I can go ahead and optimise the structure of this table by doing the following 1) changing field from text to ...
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Display different templates as entries on the index page

I'm trying to figure out a way to display each entry in a channel on one page but allow for those entries to utilize different templates. The templates would be various layouts for a section and each ...
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Searchable content not appearing in search results

I've got an existing site, and recently changed the settings of a few Channel Fields to make them searchable. There are lots of pages using the Channel already, so I was hoping that my change to the ...
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Unable to remove index.php

I have been trying to remove the index.php from my website. I have tried everything mentioned on the ee documentation but nothing seemed to work. I also tried to enable force force query string, it ...
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After removing index.php from URLs, 404s on every template except homepage

UPDATE When first posting this, I didn't understand the problem. When I removed the index.php from the urls with a .htaccess file (
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Site "forgot" what the default template was

I've had the same problem happen a few times, on several different EE sites, but I can't determine the cause so I'm turning to y'all. Symptom: The site's main index page will fail to load and will ...
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