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Can't see entry in multiple site mode (EE5)

I have an English language version of the main site installed in multiple site mode (there is no problem with it inside admin panel: I can switch sites, create channels/entries, manage templates for ...'s user avatar
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Deleting a site and all content associated with it

I'm currently running EE version 2.9.0 in a multiple sites installation. I was wondering what is the best way to delete a site and all the content associated with it. If I click in one of the sites ...
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MSM and Grid Fields

Primary site has approximately 100 grid fields. Duplicating the first site with MSM, that makes 200 exp_channel_grid_field_[id] tables. With setting up 4 sites total, that means we will be dealing ...
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EE 2 Multi site with one theme

I have a network of 3 sites that have the exact same channels and design - just different entries. Is there a way to use the same theme for all three sites rather than having to duplicate the theme ...
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Multiple Site Manager Can't Add Site EE 1.6.8

I need to add two sites to my Multiple Site Manager in Expression Engine 1.6.8. There are 24 microsites already. The first I added, and it looks ok, but I do not get the "Create a New Site" link ...
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Multiple ExpressionEngine sites/installs on cloud server

I have a simple question regarding the installation of multiple EE sites on a single cloud server: I have a basic LAMP stack (w/ Ubuntu 14.04) on my RackSpace server that runs several websites. The ...
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running 2 sites on 1 installation

I'm going down the classic route of 2 sites within 1 install for a client who has a multi-lingual site with Transcribe. For those not familiar with that approach, here's the background. What we're ...
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Remove question mark from url after search submit

I have a multi-language website and my second language goes to a subdirectory Everything is fine but the search functionality. When I submit my search, it prints a question mark right ...
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Is it possible to export/import a single site from MSM?

I've got a Multiple Site Manager set up with 3 different sites. I'm wondering if it is possible to export all EE content/channels/data from one of the sites, and import that same site data into ...
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Suggestions when MSM is not an option?

I'm in the process of developing 6 sites for a company for their membership associations. While I started with the idea that I would be using MSM (which I wasn't crazy about) to help manage everything,...
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Mulltisite Manager - How to find out which site users come from

I am using multisite (MSM) and i want to show user listing for different site for admin. How can admin see the users list according to site. For eg: - I am having 5 sites (named as Site-A, Site-B, ...
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Multi Site, Multi admins, different contents, sharing content

I want to use ExpressionEngine to build a website for a church. The church has several campuses across the USA. The church has a site and the campuses have their own mini-sites too. Basically the ...
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Why Are Posts On One EE Weblog Bleeding Over To The Other

In EE 1.6.9, I've got two weblogs running on the same installation. Both use the same domain name as the base, but are different blogs. What I've found is that posts from the main blog are bleeding ...
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Expression Engine MSM with 2 main sites and 5 subdomains

Our main question is how do we configure Expression Engine to handle 2 main site and 5 subdomains using Multi Site Manager (MSM), keeping in mind that the development version of the main site (ee28....
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Two websites, same design & structure, only some entries are shared

I need to build a double website. Both sites must use different domain names Both sites share exact same design & structure Most static contents are the same Most dynamic contents are different ...
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Database error 1054 following update to 2.7.0

I've just updated a staging instance of EE to 2.7.0 from 2.5.2 following a successful update of a development instance and the live production instance. The reason for update was because we have MSM ...
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EE and dedicated mobile sites

We're running EE2, going to have a responsive desktop site...but rather than going with a "mobile first" design, which is kind of bland, we'd like to have both a responsive (for desktop/laptop/tablet, ...
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What's the configuration for multiple subsites the legacy way in ExpressionEngine?

Let me lead with a quote from the present EE license. "An ExpressionEngine license purchase allows a single “live” installation in a production environment and ancillary “development use only” ...
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