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Mass-change entries from one status to another

We cannot bulk-edit entries via the CP, and I need to make a change in my workflow. In one channel, I need to mass-change all entries whose current status is OPEN to CREATED, if the entry-date is ...
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What is causing this cartthrob orders edit date formatting issue

Version Info: EE 3.4.5 Cartthrob Pro 3.0.2 While looking at my admin CP today, I noticed that all cartthrob placed orders have some really strange edit dates. While the exact cause is unknown to me, ...
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Problem with date/time setting

So I have ExpressionEngine Core Core v2.10.1 - Build Date: 20150501 installed and under localisation I have set to see 24 hour default time formatting and to include seconds in the default time format,...
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Automatically show entry date plus set time

Is there a way to show the date of an entry with an additional set time. ie 90 days?
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Saving an entry gives a date format error for the entry date

Saving or updating an entry gives an error message "The date you submitted is not valid." Its on a fresh install of EE 2.9.3 with Publisher 1.6.2 (where Publisher shouldn't be the problem I guess). I ...
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Incorrect Entry Date

Using the basic channel entries tag, entries made in Feb of 2015 are all showing the same entry date even though they are set to different dates. <ul class="blog-list"> {exp:channel:entries ...
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How to Modify a Global Date Variable

Is it possible to modify a date variable (entry_date in this case) so that you have entry_date plus one year (or any other amount of time)? For example, if entry_date was 6/4/14 2:59 PM, could I add ...
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How to show entries for next week or last week

Related to this question new channels shown by week How could you show entries, not for the current, but for next week? If you have many future entries, show_future_entries="yes" display_by="week" ...
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Entry_date is the season

Is it possible to show the entry_date to the season it's been published? e.g. Written in Autumn at......... This will also need to work in different time zones. Client will publish from Europe and ...
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Pass a UNIX Timestamp as a URL Segment to display entries edited since that date

I'm trying to create a template that will display a list of entries that have been added or edited since a particular date. The date would be passed as a UNIX timestamp in the URL like so; mydomain....
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Wrong entry_date

I just make new entries (19 may 2014) and on my site I get for entry_date 05 may 2014. I use plain EE tag: {entry_date format="%m %F %Y"} Any idea what is going wrong? Francois
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How can I format entry_date when using AJW export?

I'm exporting freeform entries with AJW export, and have no idea how to format the entry_date field when exported as .csv AJW export documentation doesn't appear to exist, besides a sample EE tag you ...
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displaying spanish version of date while using transcribe

I am using transcribe and I was wondering if there is a way to display the entry_date in spanish. I could probably build a plugin that captures the entry date and returns the appropriate format based ...
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How to only execute some code within a specific time frame?

I have a site where users can use a SafeCracker form to submit an entry. Once they submit the entry, they are taken to a confirmation page that also includes some code to automatically send out a ...
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Using a custom field with the month_links tag

Does anybody have a way of using the channel:month_links tag (to create a list of links to monthly archive pages) that takes it's date point from a custom date field rather than the entry_date field? ...
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relationship order by parent date

I've a channel episodes with a single relationship to the channel shows. I would like to order my shows by the date of the latest episode. So i've got this so far (simplified): {exp:channel:entries ...
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Channel Entries w/ Month, Day, Year Having Issue w/ Localization

Having issues with the following code, if entries are todays date, but past 07:00 PM they do not display. Even with *show_future_entries="yes"* unless the entries are dated 06:59 PM or earlier. {exp:...
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Creating a chronological list from 2 channels and sorting by 2 different fields

I'm building a loyalty scheme system in which customers log purchases they have made and when approved they are allocated points. These points are used to 'purchase' rewards. I have most of the ...
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How can I use Low Search to filter entries by their entry_date, using a datepicker?

I have read a few different posts on how to filter search results using a custom date field, and on using a range of dates as well. However, I need to filter my results by the native entry_date. I ...
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Formating entry date like Twitter or Facebook

Is there a way to format the date output so it reads like it does on Twitter or Facebook. For example if a post was posted 2 days ago the output would be '2 days ago', the same goes for weeks, so if ...
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Is there a way to limit display of entries to a within a recent time period?

I have a news section on a site and would like to limit entries on certain pages to "fresher" content so that it will only show entries that have been entered within the last three months. In ...
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Forcing DST settings for users

I noticed that my entry dates were being offset by one hour ahead and when I looked into the issue I found the user localization to be the problem. In my config file I have the following line: $...
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