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Comments Module {screen_name} -> {name} updating for previous comments?

I am developer of zeal smart members. To solve your problem, Please Open file: system > ExpressionEngine > third_party > smart_members > libraries > sm_lib.php Search for this function:...
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Comments are appearing without moderation even though they're set to be moderated

I see that you have your member group preferences set, how about the channel preferences - Moderate comments [yes | no] for the channel in question?
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Pending comment

Check out the "Moderate Comments" setting in the channel settings. https://docs.expressionengine.com/latest/control-panel/channels.html#settings-tab
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Commet Form Error: You are not allowed to post comments

One likely possibility to check first: Make sure the Guests member group (which is essentially any non-logged-in users) have permission to post comments. In EE2 you'd go to Admin > Member Groups > ...
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Multiple comment forms on single page/template

Both the comment:entries and comment:form tags accept an entry_id parameter, so there's no reason you can't have multiple forms on a page, so long as you pass the correct entry_id to each. You might ...
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Offloading comments/login to thirdparty from Expressionengine to speed up website

Do you only need login to post said comments? Perhaps all you need is Disqus? Modules already available : CX Disqus Comments, Alternatives Of course, by outsourcing your comments and social login to ...
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Comments Field Is Required Error when Implementing Comment Form

Here are some things that could cause this to fail: Front-end caching such as Varnish or CloudFlare. Make sure that your cache layer is set to not cache URLs with a get parameter named ACT in them, ...
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Issue with comments - "You are not authorized to perform this action"

If you are developing locally (e.g. using the “localhost” domain) you may get this security error on comments submission. To test commenting during local development, try to set "Require IP Address ...
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Channel Ratings - since EE upgrade to 2.9 only first comment shows + Memory limit reached

I was having the same problem. Mine is related to Structure and there is a known fix. https://support.ellislab.com/bugs/detail/20559/comment-display-is-incorrect
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